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Come in today for a Singles Massage Session or a Couples Discounted Massage Packet. We use all organic massage products using plants, fresh herbs and oils. We are unlike your everyday Day spa; You won’t walk in and get a headache from all the chemicals from the nails and hair. And during your massage you won’t be bothered with the noise of others talking. We are a private practice not corporate. We cater to just you when you arrive. We help ease all your aches and pains helping you find true Peace Of Mind . 

Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Reflexology, Body Wraps, Facials and more! Peaceofmind-massage Corpuschristi Support your local business and -book a massage today 361-737-7813 in the Heart of Downtown Corpus Christi 602 N Lower Broadway (4 Streets off of Ocean Dr Opposite end of Peoples T-Head)

 Hands-On Healing
Massages incorporates an oil treatment to induce deep relaxation. 
Touch is the core ingredient of massage therapy and combines science and art. Touch also conveys a sense of caring, an important component in the healing relationship. 
Each style of massage assures relaxation, pain management, tension release, circulation enhancement, reduces insomnia, and promotes overall wellness.
Massage is one of the safest modalities of complementary medicine and physical therapy.

Massage helps your cardiovascular system:
Dilates blood vessels , improve blood circulation , decreases blood pressure , creates hyperemia, stimulates release of acetylcholine and histamine for sustained vasodilatation, replenishes nutritive materials , promotes rapid removal of waste products, reduces ischemia, reduces heart rate, lowers pulse rate , increases stroke volume, increases oxygen saturation in blood, increases white blood cell count, enhances the adhesion of migrating WBCs, increases platelet count. 

Effects of massage on the Lymphatic/immune systems:
Promotes lymph circulation, reduces lymph edema, decreases the circumference of an area affected with lymph edema, decreases weight in patients with lymph edema, increases lymphocyte count, increases the number and function of natural killer cells.

Effects of massage on the skin and related structures:
Increases skin temperature, improves skin condition, stimulates sebaceous glands, stimulates soporiferous glands, improves skin pathologies, and reduces superficial skin formation. 

Effects of massage on the nervous and endocrine systems:
Reduces stress, reduces anxiety, promotes relaxation, decreases beta wave activity, increases delta wave activity, increases in alpha waves, increases dopamine levels, increases serotonin levels, reduces nor epinephrine levels, reduces epinephrine levels, reduces feelings of depression, decreases pain, reduces analgesic use, activates sensory receptors, right frontal EEG activation, decreases H-amplitude levels during massage. 

Effects of massage on muscles:
Relieves muscular tension , relaxes muscles, reduces muscle soreness and fatigue , increases range of motion, improves(balance and posture), improves motor skills, lengthens muscles, increases flexibility, tones weak muscles, improves muscular nutrition, decreases electromyography (EMG) readings. 

Open every day so we can work around your schedule because life isn’t always easy!
Massage Therapy & Natural Healing
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